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At ReaMed, we recognize that a large portion of the success we’ve accomplished is dependent on our key suppliers and partners. We carefully select potential suppliers who we will conduct business with considering all potential options, possibilities, and risks with in working with them. It is important for us to build a relationship of trust and co-operation with our suppliers to ensure a strong and secure future for both our companies. We believe that working together with suppliers and partners we will achieve great things for all parties involved.

ReaMed is a local distributor of health products. Its focus is to bring all health solutions possible over the web to the target market of Denmark. Our goal is to keep ourselves informed of the newest products and treatments, so we can offer all these options and advice to the end user. ReaMed’s focus is on our clients’ needs, aiming to provide the best service and products.

ReaMed is always excited about working with our suppliers to provide new solutions for our customers. In the past we have partnered with many suppliers to develop a new solution; one example is Type-1 Accessories who developed clothing for insulin pump users. The need was established for these customers to have pockets for their insulin pump and blood sugar meters. The result can be seen here.

ReaMed’s primary role is to distribute diabetic products to users based on contracts gained through municipal biding tender systems in Denmark. We are the main distributor of diabetic products to most municipals (Kommuner) in Denmark. We have a catalog of over 1,000 products and a staff of 26 employees; our offices and warehouse are located in Thisted, Denmark.

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